Pattern Tooling

Foundry Tooling

Cascade has been manufacturing high-quality patterns and core boxes designed to customer specifications for 48 years. Over the past 5 decades, we have cultivated versatility and flexibility within our pattern creation processes to meet the specific needs of green sand, no-bake, and permanent molding foundries. We are familiar with all major molding lines, including,but not limited to:

  •  Matchplate Lines, including Hunter, BP, Sinto, and DISA Match.
  • Rotolift and Squeezer Lines.
  • Cope and Drag Lines, including Inliner, Osborn,Fischer, HSP, BMM, and Herman.
  • Swing & Ram DISA Lines.

Cascade is also capable of building No-Bake Boxes, Insert Boards, and cope & drag boards to meet customer Floor Molding Line requirements.

Mounting And Gating

Proper mounting and gating is critical to the successful application of all foundry tooling, and Cascade provides this crucial service in-house. Several of our pattern-makers with prior foundry experience are well trained in mounting and gating. We have extensive experience in mounting and gating for the following molding lines:

  • No-bake Boxes
  • Insert Boards
  • 3-Layer Wood Boards
  • Hunter Plates
  • Sinto Plates
  • BP Plates
  • BMM Plates
  • Disamatic Plates
  • Osborne Plates
  • Fischer Plates
  • Inliner Plates

Core Box Rigging

Cascade’s engineering department and metal shop workers build core boxes that can run on a wide variety of core machines. We design and rig complex ejection systems, install venting, and build moveable pieces on actuators.  We have extensive knowledge of Laempe, Shalco, Redford, Palmer, B&P, and Dependable core machines as well as many of the various custom machines our customers operate.