Facility + Capabilities


Cascade’s 65,000 sq. ft. facility in Northeastern OH offers turn-key foundry tooling solutions. We combine decades of industry experience with constantly evolving technology to exceed customers’ expectations and expand our operations year after year.

Our workforce spans several generations and is consistently infused with young craftsmen to sustain Cascade’s industry dominance for years to come. By continually investing in new machinery/technology and adopting new industry practices, Cascade is poised to embrace new challenges and continued growth.


Cascade’s lineup of over 20 CNC machines across our Wood and Metal Departments can process various materials to suit your foundry’s needs. Our Wood Department’s capabilities include foam, perfect plank in pine or hardwood, and a variety of urethane tooling boards. Our Metal Department has extensive experience machining redboard, aluminum, iron, brass, bronze, and steel tooling designed to reliably perform through high production runs.

With maximum window sizes of 60x120x30 in our Metal Shop and61x128x29 in our Wood Shop, Cascade is equipped to machine the most demanding of jobs. For foundry pattern tooling that exceeds these window sizes, we will CNC the job in sections and assemble the components. Cascade’s CNC operators occupy 8 CAM seats; each operator is capable of programming and running multiple machines. Individual projects can be dispersed across several CNCs to expedite delivery dates and meet tight deadlines.

Cascade Pattern - CNC Capabilities


Three 10-Ton overhead cranes and multiple smaller cranes and jibs in our production areas allow efficient transportation of tooling throughout our facility.

Multiple industrial lathes, milling machines, drill presses,saws, sanders, grinders, and other equipment integral to the pattern industry are generously dispersed throughout the building, permitting ease of access and increasing workflow.


Cascade’s drivers and vehicles simplify the shipment process,minimize lead times, and offer rapid delivery of finished tooling. In-house transportation also enables us to pick up existing foundry patterns and core boxes from our customers’ facilities for jobs that require modifications and alterations. Cascade has also built partnerships with multiple commercial carriers for long-distance shipments.


Cascade’s diverse in-house engineering abilities further distinguish our company from competitors. Our engineers can reverse-engineer existing tooling; create CAD models from customer drawings/prints; offer advisement on tooling design; and integrate with our customers’ design processes. Cascade licenses SolidWorks seats for all our designers, as well as seats of several other leading products. Whether our customers use SolidWorks or various other software, we will be able to translate all modeling work to the appropriate platform.

Our engineers also partner with customers to design pattern tooling & core boxes to run on their foundry’s specific molding lines and core machines.  designed to their capabilities and processes.

Mold Checking

Quality control is vital to ensure fit and function. Rather than delegate QC to an afterthought, Cascade integrates it into the overall tooling design process. This service is provided through making sand molds and cores in-house using customers’ foundry tooling prior to shipment. This replicates the foundry process by checking fit and function of mold and core relationship.

Laser Scanning

Cascade utilizes a state of the art Romer arm laser scanner for multiple applications. This tool is useful for reverse engineering when we creating new core boxes to run with existing patterns, or new patterns to run with existing core boxes. We also have the capability of making scanned overlays to compare jobs with 3D files and complete layout reports. We have multiple seats of DesignX Software and ControlX Software that are used in combination with the Romer arm.